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Cedar Shake

Cedar wood shingles offer durability and an appealing look for both commercial and residential use and really make a statement, Like most things to get the most life out of the cedar shake roof system your going to need regular repairs and maintenance to extend roof system overall service life. Here at Allmax Roofing we can provide you with any service your cedar shake roof my need

Cedar Shake Repairs

Cedar shake roofs are very costly and require repairs by a skilled roof tech for a proper long lasting results, Here at Allmax Roofing we have a team that is skilled in cedar shake roofs and can provide quality repairs and maintenance services. Over time you may see missing cedar, warped, loose, split or rotted areas as well as deteriorated or missing sections of ridge cap when left in this condition the elements can cause damage to the roofs underlayment causing leaks and rot also becomes an entrance way for animals, pest and rodents.         

Cedar Roof Washing & Treatment

Weather is brutal on any roof but cedar shake with out proper care and maintenance usually leads to a very expensive roof replacement once the cedar looses its integrity, All cedar shake roofs  regardless of age should be inspected every few years. Soft washing your roof is not just to keep it looking good, when ceder shake roofs become discolored or have moss, lichen and algae growing its actually deteriorating the cedar so when you soft wash the roof your adding service life to the roof system by removing all of that, we do not recommend power washing the high pressure can do more harm then good especially on older roofs! After a wash its the best time to treat the ceder shakes since over time the weather causes integrity loss of cedar weakening it treating the roof will be your best defense against the elements, treating the ceder ads protective qualities back in the ceder that’s needed to to extend the life of the roof system and will help prevent the growth of moss, lichen and algae. You should treated every 3 to 5 years unless your roof system had passed it service life at that point maintenance is not cost effective